Make PIM-Plus the center of your data strategy

Product information management is the process of managing all the information required to market and sell products through your distribution channels. PIM-Plus™ allows full customization to ensure it meets your specific needs. No cookie cutter, one size fits all deployments. Your PIM Your Way!

Manage Everything About Your Products

Technical data

Specifications, dimensions, colors, components, internal reference notes, customer variants and other custom data

Emotional data

Manage compelling descriptions and product stories, list your brand values, and associate relevant images, videos, and documents with each product.

Usage data

Describe where and how your product should be used.

Images and Documents

PIM-Plus offers integrated MAM and DAM features to enrich and facilitate user wants and needs

How it Works

Collect Data

Collect data from your ERP, CRM, Web site, and other systems


Import via CSV and XLSX files and pre-built connectors

Onboard product

Onboard product data directly from suppliers in your format


Provide secure partner access with built in roles and views


Classify products into families, categories, and channels with custom taxonomies


Measure, control, and track product data quality


Govern users with roles and permissions, and processes with validation workflows


Manage catalog completeness, versions, and control publication


Enrich product descriptions with technical and usage data


Associate images, videos and documents with each product


Leverage rules engine to automate enrichment of standardized attributes


Localize and translate product information for each market and region


Manage catalogs for every sales channel in one system of record - the PIM-Plus®


Select channel-specific attributes for the most relevant experience


Connect to all online and print channels through API-based connectors

Syndicate catalogs

Syndicate catalogs to expand marketplaces and shopping channels


Features Core Max
Unlimited Seats
Unlimited SKUs
Unlimited Workflows and Roles
Amazon S3
MAM with Image Control™
Shell Sheets on Demand
Wiki Documentation
Email Support
Basic Syndication (csv export)
Advance Syndication (pre-defined export for big box)
Platform Upgrades
Phone Support
CRM, ERP, API Integration
1 x Single Low Cost $35K $50K

Sucuri, hosting, maintenance, email support, phone support, are included at no additional client cost for 1 year from date of purchase. Afterwards, billed monthly if contracted through PIM-Plus.

API integration is limited to 1 feed and 1 export for major online ERPs/CRMs.

Multiple input/output end-points are available for additional cost.

PIM-Plus at a Glance

  • Unlimited Seats and SKUs across all your brands
  • Yours to own for one LOW Price
  • $35,000 Core or $50,000 Max
  • No Licenses or Subscriptions
  • 5-6 Year Estimated Lifecycle

PIM-Plus Ecosystem



Invite your partners, suppliers, distributors, customers to access your PIM your Way. Extend accounts, roles, views, and permissions to optimize every experience.



Ability to save media into folders and sub-folders for organizations


Your ERP

PIM-Plus™ is completely flexible and works with any popular ERP through our powerful custom API. (Requires Max purchase option)


Integrated API

Our Max product offers 1 feed and 1 export for all popular ERPs and CRMs. Additional API connections and Direct Multi-point syndication available at a reasonable surcharge.


Life Cycle Management

PIM-Plus™ allows for the evaluates and identification of each product’s journey through development to withdrawal from the market.

Mobile Design


Use PIM-Plus™ to source your catalog data and create product specific Sell Sheets in real time through our Sell Sheet on Demand feature.


Media Assets

A complete audio/video management suite, that allows sharing and dynamic image generation of different sizes.



Ability to create public facing pages to show for general public.


Sales/Sales Teams

Increase your sales by providing your teams with customer specific product pricing, history and sales support materials.



Create secure views for each specific partner to access product data, images, documents and complete pricing and order data. Available with Max product with applicable API integrations.

Our Partners

PIM-Plus benefits for the whole enterprise

Improve data quality

Stop bad data from infecting your organization and partners

Faster time to market

Syndicate and share your data with your retail partners

Increase conversions

With accurate data and related materials

Increase productivity

Stop wasting time and money on gathering and distributing product related data

Reduce returns

With accurate and effective POS product representation

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